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Traffic Controls

 Traffic controls help to keep traffic moving smoothly and safely. They offer many benefits such as improved accuracy and efficiency.

Traffic Control FAQs

The purpose of traffic lights is to regulate the flow of traffic, and to promote safety on the roads.

Traffic lights use a system of red, yellow, and green lights to control the flow of traffic. The red light means stop, the yellow light means slow down and be prepared to stop, and the green light means go.

There are many reasons why you might need traffic controls at your business. Perhaps you have a lot of foot traffic and need to direct people in a certain direction. Or maybe you have a construction project going on and need to protect pedestrians from hazards. Traffic controls can help keep people safe and improve the flow of traffic in and around your business.

What Our Customers Say

"I am pleased to say that the technicians with American Scale are always punctual and very professional during all their visits to our plant. I am very satisfied with their service."
Bill Wood
Tyson Foods
"American Scale's technicians are the best I've ever seen. They never stopped working, never goofed off and were very knowledgeable and could answer every question I asked."
Karen Gramm
Regional Manager, ABF Freight
"I received a call from a gentleman at Conway Freight regarding your service at Conway in Louisville.  Apparently he was extremely impressed with the service, repairs and installations American Scale completed at the terminal.  During the years we have been doing national service, this is the first time one of the national accounts has called specifically to compliment a dealer.  He has never walked into a terminal and not called me with some issue that needs to be fixed.  He said a couple times over there was not one little thing wrong with the scales that he could find. I want to thank your for everything you have done to present because American Scale represents Rice Lake and you have made both companies look great!  The gentleman who called is also the person who controls the reweighs and scale purchases for Conway corporate.  With that said, he was impressed!"
Chris Olsen
National Accounts Service Manager, Rice Lake Weighing Systems

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