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To ensure accuracy in all your weighing needs, American Scale offers quality scale servicing and calibration. Our service technicians are trained to provide accurate results for analytical balances truck scales, rail scales, force measurement equipment, hopper scales, tank scales, among many others!

We can service, repair, and calibrate just about type of scale imaginable and are always up-to-date with the latest technology.

When you face an equipment issue that nobody else seems to be able to solve, American Scale is your answer. Whether it’s an emergency break down or routine preventative maintenance – we can service, repair or calibrate your scales. Our expert scale technicians are the most knowledgeable in the area, respond quickly, and can offer you a rental scale while you wait. Your priorities are our priorities, and we are committed to get your scales back to weighing accurately as quickly as we can.

Around the clock scale service

With 24/7 emergency service, we are always ready to help you at any time of day or night. Our on-site teams provide fast response times so that your problem is fixed as soon as possible!

ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Accredited

American Scale is ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Accredited and is a registered service agency in Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio and Tennessee. We have offices in Louisville, Kentucky; Bowling Green, Kentucky; and Evansville, Indiana.

Reconditioned Scale Parts

Reconditioned parts and components from our large stock can meet your budget without cutting corners on performance or durability!


We are your one-stop-shop for all your scale needs. We offer scale servicing, repairs, calibration, and even in-house electronic repair. We also offer a wide variety of scales and weighing systems for rent or purchase.

How It Works

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We have a team of elite scale technicians ready to service your scales 24/7. If it is not an emergency we will set up a time to come repair or calibrate your scale. Remember, it's best to regularly calibrate your scale before any major break downs.

Service, Calibrate & Repair

Our full service scale services means we are your one point of contact for any all scale needs. While our certified team works diligently on your scales, we offer scale equipment rentals to reduce your downtime.

Ensure Accurate Readings

Neglecting your scales can result in inaccurate readings and negative outcomes overtime. We offer routine preventative maintenance agreements that help increase the lifespan of your equipment and reduce catastrophic breakdowns.

Our calibration weights are traceable to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). We issue certificates for all calibrations.

We Service Most Brands Including, but not limited to:

Whether you are needing routine maintenance, preparing for an audit, or in need of an emergency repair we have you covered. After 35+ years of scale calibration , we are able to offer the highest quality accredited repairs & scale services. Our scale calibration capabilities include numerous types of digital and mechanical scales such as:

FAQs About Scale Calibration & Scale Repairs

Scale calibration is the process of testing a scale to ensure that it is weighing properly. Over time scales endure normal wear and tear, even from the smallest vibrations, that can make them measure incorrectly. Regardless of the industry in which your scale is used, scale calibration is critical for precise and accurate measurements

1.) Internal Calibration – Some scales are capable of self-calibrating. They use inner mechanism to test the accuracy of their measurements.

2.) External Calibration – To perform external calibration you need a set of test weights, also referred to as calibration masses. Professional scale technicians will use the different weights to test the scales accuracy.

Inaccurate scale readings can affect your business’s bottom line which is why calibrations are crucial. There is no right answer when it comes to how frequently you should calibrate your scales. It depends on the make and model, usage, environmental factors, and more.

At a bare minimum you should calibrate your scales once a year. It could be as frequent as once a month.

Professional technicians place certified test weights, sometimes referred to as calibration weights,  on your scale and then inspect to see if the scale indicator displays the correct weight measurement.

If the scale does not measure correctly, the technician will make repairs or adjustments until the scale is fully calibrated.

At that point, the technician will issue a certificate on the calibration.

Scale calibration tolerance is the allowed deviation between the actual scale reading on the indicator and the true mass of the weight.

Calibration tolerance can be calculated in measurement units, percent of span, or percent of reading.

The first thing you want to look for when choosing a scale calibration company is an ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accreditation.

Secondly, the company should perform calibrations that are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Otherwise your calibrations are for nothing.

Finally, you should find a company with a good reputation, long track record and wide range of capabilities.

American Scale has offices in Louisville, KY; Bowling Green, KY; and Evansville, IN. We will travel within a 75 mile radius of Louisville and 30 mile radius of Evansville including Lexington, Frankfort, Richmond, Elizabethtown, Georgetown, Florence and many other cities in Kentucky and Southern Indiana.

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