Manufacturer: Rice Lake

Transfer Equipment

Manufacturer: Rice Lake

Transfer Equipment

Transfer Equipment
Transfer Equipment Available For:

Tweezers 140mm – PN 152414 and 220mm – PN 157109

Rice Lake presents straight tip tweezers that boast of superior handling features. Thanks to their plastic carbon fiber tips, these tweezers successfully grip delicate weights without causing any harm.

Key Features:

  • 140mm (PN 152414) and 220mm (PN 157109)
  • Crafted with plastic carbon fiber tips
  • Avoids weight damage by eliminating scratches

Plastic Tweezers – PN 11711

The plastic tweezers are designed for weights of 100g or less. It prevents the transfer of dirt and oil residue from hands to the weights. These affordable and light weight tweezers are necessities for precision work.

Key Features:

  • Part Number (PN 11711)
  • Ideal for weights 100g or less
  • Economical and lightweight design
  • Minimizes transfer of dirt and oil residue

Metal Tweezers – PN 65640

Rice Lake’s affordably priced metal tweezers are recommended for leaf (milligram) weights, that plastic forceps are unable to grip securely.

Key Features:

  • Part Number: PN 65640
  • Made from a durable metal
  • Perfect for handling delicate leaf weights

Forceps 4.75in – PN 50035

Rice Lake’s 4.75in plastic forceps are suggested for lifting weights within a range from 200g to 500g. Being plastic and lightweight, these forceps do no harm to the weights.

Tong Assembly – PN 50000

Our tong assembly is specially tailored for lifting weights that are over 5kg.

Key Features:

  • Designed to lift over 5kg weights
  • Part number – PN 50000

Metal Handle – PN 11712

The metal handle lifter with its covered U-shaped design ensures smooth lifting and transporting of weights. It is suitable for screw-knob design weights weighing 5kg and more.

Key Features:

  • Part Number: PN 11712
  • U-shaped design for protective, easy lifting
  • Suitable for screw-knob design weights 5kg and above

OIML Lifter – PN 50037

The OIML lifter is designed to carry OIML-classified weights between 2kg and 5kg, with a double U-shape design for secure lifting and holding.

Plastic Bar – PN 11747

The plastic bar, suitable for lighter screw-knob weights between 200g and 4kg, comes with slightly turned-up arms to secure the weight during lifting and transportation.

Key Features:

  • Part Number: PN 11747
  • Ideal for screw-knob weights between 200g and 4kg
  • Features turned-up arms for secure lifting and transportation.

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