Steelbridge XT Steel Deck Truck Scale

Steelbridge XT Steel Deck Truck Scale

The Steelbridge IMXT heavy duty steel truck scale is ideal for customers that require a durable, long-lasting performance with high weight capacities.
Steelbridge XT Steel Deck Truck Scale Available For:

The Steelbridge XT Steel Deck Truck Scale is a reliable and versatile vehicle scale that is available in a wide variety of capacities and sizes. Whether you need to weigh a small truck or a large commercial vehicle, this truck scale can handle it with ease.

Key Features:

  • Wide range of capacities and sizes to accommodate different trucks and configurations
  • Can handle weights of up to 135 tons, making it suitable for heavy-duty applications
  • Low profile design reduces overall space requirements and saves on cost by using shorter approach areas
  • Multi-platform axle weighers provide accurate axle weighing and legal-for-trade gross weight in one action
  • Efficient axle combining system combines multiple independent weighing devices into one foundation for easy weigh-ins
  • Rugged and reliable weighing with the Weigh Bar load cell
  • Patented design ensures strength, overload protection, and accuracy
  • Highly reliable and durable load cell for accurate readings every time

The Steelbridge XT Steel Deck Truck Scale is the perfect solution for businesses and industries that require reliable and accurate weighing of trucks. With its versatile design and durable construction, it provides the peace of mind you need for your weighing needs.

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