Sartorius CB Series Counting Scales

One easy turn selects the right reference quantity.  Choice of reference sample quantities: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 or 100 parts.  The new rotary selector switch is intuitively the most reliable way to select the reference quantity.  Three displays – new and convenient, piece count, average piece weight and weight readout in the weight units g, kg, lb or oz.  CB will give you ultrafast results.  Forget odd fractions.  WYLIWG – What you load is what you get: 1,000 parts on the pan = 1,000 parts on the display.

Total ease of operation designed with a “turn for the better”.  Plus, a set of brief instruction cards in 25 languages comes standard with the scale.  Just insert the card with your preferred language right next to the control panel.  Then even inexperienced operators will immediately know how the CB scale works.  Rugged in every respect – count on it with the new plastic housing design featuring a stainless steel load plate inset.  We deliberately crafted a lightweight chassis for portable use.  Also battery-operable around the clock – and beyond!

Features and benefits:

  • 3 displays for piece count, average piece weight and weight readout
  • Sturdy plastic housing rugged in every respect
  • Lightweight chassis for portable use
  • Battery-operable