Manufacturer: Rice Lake

Rice Lake VS-33 Dual Ramp Portable Scale

Manufacturer: Rice Lake

Rice Lake VS-33 Dual Ramp Portable Scale

Rice Lake VS-33 dual ramp portable animal scales allow pets and companion animals to walk on and off the scale without turning around or worrying about a large step onto the weighing platform.
Rice Lake VS-33 Dual Ramp Portable Scale Available For:

The Rice Lake VS-33 dual ramp portable animal scales are the perfect solution for weighing pets and companion animals. With these scales, animals can easily walk on and off the weighing platform without the need to turn around or worry about a large step.

The dual ramp design makes it simple for animals to access and exit the scale, ensuring a stress-free weighing experience. The non-slip platform provides stability and security, preventing pets from slipping or sliding during the weighing process.

Equipped with a push-button LCD display, the scale offers easy and convenient viewing of weight measurements. The Motiontrap™ movement compensation technology ensures accurate and precise readings, even when animals are in motion.

The scale allows you to toggle between different units of measure or lock it in a specific unit, depending on your preference. The USB communication capability allows for seamless transfer of data to your computer or other devices.

Additional features include a tare function, which allows you to zero out the weight of bedding or other items, and a hold function that freezes the displayed weight, allowing for easy recording.

Rest assured that the Rice Lake VS-33 dual ramp portable scale comes factory calibrated, providing you with reliable and accurate measurements right out of the box.


  • Dual ramp design for easy access and exit
  • Non-slip platform for stability
  • Push-button LCD display for convenient viewing
  • Motiontrap™ movement compensation technology for accurate readings
  • Unit of measure toggle or locking
  • Communication via USB for data transfer
  • Tare function for zeroing out weight of additional items
  • Hold function for easy recording
  • Factory calibrated for reliable and accurate measurements.

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