MSI-6260 Trans Weigh

Today’s automated approach to overhead weighing.  The MSI_6260 Trans-Weigh radio telemetry crane scale provides weighing solutions where other systems fail.  It offers the safety and efficiency of wireless, remote weight displays for virtually any overhead weighing/tension application.  That makes it an ideal solution when conditions prohibit operator access to visibility to a scale below the hook.  With a transmission distance of up to 300 ft. (90 m), you can place the indicator in a safe and convenient location.  It expands system versatility by enabling connections to printers, computers, data recorders and scoreboards.  Unlike other systems, Trans-Weigh does not require an end user F.C.C. license.

Designed to excel in harsh industrial environments, Trans-Weigh’s components meet NEMA IV standards for watertight integrity.  The crane unit’s rugged aluminum housing also resists corrosion, extreme heat and EMI environments.  You can weigh loads with an accuracy of 0.1% of the applied load.