Manufacturer: Rice Lake

Master™ 311M Belt Scale Weigh Frame

Manufacturer: Rice Lake

Master™ 311M Belt Scale Weigh Frame

Medium to Heavy Capacity – The 311M belt scale weigh frame is often used in dosing belts that can regulate the capacity of a bulk flow using the measured value and a controlled belt speed.
Master™ 311M Belt Scale Weigh Frame Available For:

The Master™ 311M Belt Scale Weigh Frame is the ideal solution for medium to heavy capacity applications. This weigh frame is commonly used in dosing belts, allowing for precise regulation of bulk flow capacity by utilizing the measured value and controlling belt speed.


  • Semi-modular design for easy installation and customization
  • Weigh frame without moving parts ensures reliability and durability
  • Designed to fit standard conveyors for seamless integration
  • Requires only four bolts for mounting, making installation hassle-free
  • Minimal modifications to the conveyor are necessary for proper fit


  • Choose between galvanized or stainless construction to suit your specific needs
  • Custom widths available to accommodate belt size requirements
  • Request custom lifting weights for enhanced functionality


  • Suitable for mining, quarries, bulk material blending, process control, and retrofitting projects

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