Manufacturer: B-TEK

HRCS High Resolution Counting Scale

Manufacturer: B-TEK

HRCS High Resolution Counting Scale

The HRCS can be set up as a high-resolution counting scale, high-resolution check weighing scale, or a high-resolution standalone bench scale.
HRCS High Resolution Counting Scale Available For:

The HRCS High Resolution Counting Scale is a versatile and reliable weighing solution that offers exceptional accuracy and robustness. With its high resolution capabilities, it is capable of serving as a counting scale, checkweighing scale, or a standalone bench scale.

Designed with a durable aluminum die-cast clamshell base, the HRCS provides 1100% overload and shock protection, ensuring its resilience in demanding environments. It features a backlit display with seven 0.5 inch segments, allowing for easy visibility of weight readings.

The HRCS offers a wide range of applications, including counting with 40 PLU piece weight data storage (keypad required), checkweighing, and general weighing. It supports multiple units of measurement, including lb, kg, g, oz, and custom units.

This counting scale is equipped with various ports for connectivity and expansion. It comes with two serial ports, one Ethernet port, three inputs, and three outputs. Additionally, it has RS232 serial ports, a mini USB VCP port, an analog port (active when optional 5V analog card is fitted), and a side RJ45 connector for remote keyboard use. The HRCS can also be powered from a 9V DC power socket.


  • Non-NTEP
  • Standard capacities: 2, 10, 70, and 175 lb
  • Custom setup available for 1, 5, 25, 50, and 100 lb capacities (requires part number 825-300199 for configuration and calibration)
  • 1 billion internal count resolution using the high accuracy of the Quartzell transducer
  • (3) Stainless steel weighing platter with adjustable feet

With its exceptional accuracy, reliability, and versatile functionality, the HRCS High Resolution Counting Scale is an ideal solution for businesses in need of precise and efficient weighing capabilities.

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