Manufacturer: Avery Weigh-Tronix

Comboweigh Truck and Track Scale

Manufacturer: Avery Weigh-Tronix

Comboweigh Truck and Track Scale

Comboweigh Truck and Track Scale Available For:

Comboweigh is a legal for trade pit-type scale which does double duty. It processes both trucks and railcars on the same surface. The structure of the Comboweigh Truck / Track Scale allows users to fit it exactly to location and to specific processes which will demonstrate the scale’s ability to pay back fast.

Features and benefits:

Dual function
 – One scale, one installation, weighs both rail cars and trucks.

Factory assembled modules
 – For efficient handling and installation. Each Comboweigh scale package includes the weighbridge, load cells, load cell mountings and grout plates, anti-creep angles and summing boxes with surge protection.

Heavy duty construction
 – Heavy, wide flange steel beams assure structural integrity. Meets A.R.E.A testing and design criteria including Cooper E-80 loading and AAR Scale Handbook requirements.

Choice of deck surface
 – Choose the deck surface (concrete or steel) that best suits the work requirements of the installation.

Rigid checking system
 – Critical for track scale systems. Stabilizes the scale quickly for fast weighments.

 – Optional equipment and designs let you order the scale configuration that fits new or existing loading and unloading systems.

Stainless steel load cells
 – Hermetically sealed. Protected from corrosive elements, dampness. Provides long life and accuracy.

Custom design – Weigh bridge with hoppers, grating or other customer specified equipment.•

  • Weight Indicator
  • Optional software and controls
  • Scoreboard displays
  • Printers
  • Manhole frame and cover
  • PVC load cell enclosures
  • Custom sizes
  • Rail-only weighing

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