Manufacturer: Rice Lake

CLS Series Forklift Scale

Manufacturer: Rice Lake

CLS Series Forklift Scale

The CLS Series forklift scale mounts directly to most Class II and Class III lift trucks, saving material handling processes time and money.
CLS Series Forklift Scale Available For:

The CLS Series Forklift Scale is a reliable and cost-effective solution for material handling processes. It is designed to mount directly onto most Class II and Class III lift trucks, saving time and money. With the ability to be paired with a weight display device through a cable or cableless connection, the CLS Series Forklift Scale provides accurate and efficient weight measurement.

Key Features:

  • Scale Carriage available in various sizes (28 in Class II, 34 in Class II, 38 in Class III)
  • NTEP Certified options available for Class II sizes
  • Non-NTEP option available for Class III size
  • Sturdy construction with 1-1/2 in thick front and back painted steel plates
  • Welded, pinned, and bolted top cleats for added stability
  • Welded centering pin for precise alignment
  • Equipped with two 5,000 lb s-beam load cells
  • iQUBE2® junction box with inclinometer for accurate measurements
  • Molded coiled cable, with up to 15 ft uncoiled length

Presale Requirements:

  • Provide completed forklift questionnaire for accurate quotation
  • Compatible with most Class II and Class III forklift attachments, consult factory for more information

Required System Information:

  • Forklift carriage size (Class II, Class III, Other)
  • Forklift carriage width (Is it greater than 36 in?)
  • Does the forklift have a load backrest?
  • Does the forklift have any existing attachments?
  • Supply power for scale instrumentation (12 VDC, Other)
  • Maximum mast extension (Under 180 in, Other)
  • Any peripheral equipment needed (e.g. Printer)

Installation Recommendations:

  • When installing on electric forklifts, ensure static discharge protection and install a chassis mount power conditioner for scale electronics protection
  • OSHA requires the end user to de-rate the lift capacity of the forklift during installation.

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