The BSQ bench scale base offers an unrivalled combination of accuracy and strength.  The high quality of Avery Weigh-Tronix Quartzell weight transducer allows users t weigh any item, from a miniature component to a 175 lb/80 kg box, while the design offers exceptional protection against tough environments.

Features & benefits

  • Unrivalled Accuracy – highly accurate digital bench base with over 1 billion internal counts and a readability of over 3.5 million divisions. This means the BSQ can detect even the tiniest of weight changes with astounding precision.
  • Interference – the clam-shell cover is fully enclosed, reducing the likelihood of environmental interference caused by the accumulation of dust and dirt or even drafts which might otherwise cause slight nuances in weighing accuracy.
  • Fluids and Dirt – Built-in drip pathways help to channel unwanted dirt and fluids away from critical areas within the base. This clever design makes the scale suitable for use in dirty, oily environments where liquids such as cutting fluids could otherwise affect the accuracy of the weighing element.
  • Thermal Resistance – The internal design of the scale offers an excellent thermal coupling barrier, enabling weighing of hot items while protecting against a thermal shift that could affect the accuracy of the base.
  • Strength by Design – BSQ bench scale bases are exceptionally rugged by design. These tough and resilient bases are engineered to resist over-loading and sudden dropped loads, with up to 1100% overload protection as standard.
  • Connectivity – Link the BSQ with a weight indicator or computer to facilitate capture and display of weight data. Avery Weigh-Tronix offers a vast array of compatible peripherals, from simple weight displays to more advanced programmable indicators. Peripherals link with the scale via RS232 or USB ports. The ability to power the base via either of these ports provides additional flexibility when weighing remotely.