Manufacturer: B-TEK

Analog Truck Scale Junction Box

Manufacturer: B-TEK

Analog Truck Scale Junction Box

Divided terminal summing board
Analog Truck Scale Junction Box Available For:

Upgrade your truck scale system with our Analog Truck Scale Junction Box. This high-quality junction box is designed to provide a secure and reliable connection point for your truck scale components.

Featuring a compact size of 9.00″ x 8.00″ x 2.00″, this junction box is perfectly suited for installation in tight spaces. The snap lid design ensures easy access to the internal components while maintaining a secure enclosure for protection against dust and moisture.

With a divided terminal summing board, this junction box simplifies the wiring process by organizing and summing the signals from multiple load cells. The spring terminals allow for a quick and secure connection, reducing installation time.

For added convenience, this junction box features 1/2″ side grips and (4) 3/8″ optional grommet inserts, allowing for easy mounting and neat cable management.

Built to withstand harsh environments, this junction box is rated IP68 and Nema 6P for ingress protection, ensuring reliable performance even in the presence of dust and water.


  • Compact size of 9.00″ x 8.00″ x 2.00″
  • Snap lid for easy access
  • Divided terminal summing board for simplified wiring
  • Spring terminals for quick and secure connection
  • 1/2″ side grips for easy mounting
  • (4) 3/8″ optional grommet inserts for neat cable management
  • IP68 / Nema 6P Ingress Rating for superior protection against dust and water

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