Railroad Scales

LPRA Railroad Scales

Cardinal Scale’s LPRA low-profile railroad track scales features heavy-duty rugged steel weighbridges, stainless steel USA-made electronic or hydraulic load cells (hydraulic load cells are impervious to lightning and water damage), 20 different models available, up to 270-ton gross capacities, E-80 Cooper AREMA rating, and accuracy class IIIL legal for trade (NTEP and Measurement Canada). The […]

Comboweigh Truck and Track Scale

Comboweigh is a legal for trade pit-type scale which does double duty. It processes both trucks and railcars on the same surface. The structure of the Comboweigh Truck / Track Scale allows users to fit it exactly to location and to specific processes which will demonstrate the scale’s ability to pay back fast. Features and […]

Railweight Railroad Track Scale

Railweight is a modular, low profile railroad track scale designed for above ground installation. The pitless design complies with AREMA Cooper E 80 loading and NIST H44 requirements for commercial weighing. With a low profile design the amount of excavation required is minimal providing a lower installation cost compared with traditional deep pit design. Features […]

Weighline Rail Scale (Not Legal for Trade)

A simple, economical solution for static or in-motion rail weighing. Installs in just hours and provides accurate, dependable weighments at a fraction of the cost of other rail scale systems.Weighline has paid for itself in hundreds of installations worldwide by preventing both underloads and overloads of rail cars. Features & Benefits: Fast payback – Accurate rail […]

B-tek Rail Scales

B-TEK Rail Scales come in five models to allow weighing for a wide range of rail cars. Capacities range from 180,000 to 400,000 lbs. The weighbridge design is approved by the Association of American Railroads (AAR) and the American Railway Engineering Association (AREA).Features and specifications: AAR (Association of American Railroads) and AREA (American Railway Engineering […]