Crane Scales

MSI-4260 Port-A-Weigh

Industry’s Original Standard for Accurate, Reliable and Safe Overhead Weighing When introduced in 1980, the MSI-4260 “Port-A-Weigh” promptly established the original industry standard for an accurate, reliable and safe solution for overhead crane weighing and material handling. After decades of production, added technology advancements and thousands of worldwide installations, Port-A-Weigh continues to set the standard […]

MSI-4300 Porta-Weigh Plus

To create its flagship crane scale, MSI integrated the industry’s most advanced electronics, two decades of marine and industrial application experience, and a set of features never before offered on a crane scale. The result is the MSI-4300 Porta-Weigh Plus. It is a Bronze Award winner of Plant Engineering magazine and is recognized as the world’s premier […]

MSI-6260 Trans Weigh

Today’s automated approach to overhead weighing.  The MSI_6260 Trans-Weigh radio telemetry crane scale provides weighing solutions where other systems fail.  It offers the safety and efficiency of wireless, remote weight displays for virtually any overhead weighing/tension application.  That makes it an ideal solution when conditions prohibit operator access to visibility to a scale below the […]

MSI-7200 Dyna-Link Dynamometer

The Dyna-Link is the ideal instrument to monitor tension or determine peak loads in tension-testing apparatus. It is also a great tool to monitor or balance cable line tension, or indicate overhead loads in common rigging practices.Microprocessor-based electronics and an environmentally sealed enclosure provide simple and accurate operation both indoors and out. A host of […]

MSI-7200RFL Dyna-Link Dynamometer with Wireless Remote

The Dyna-Link industrial tension dynamometer is a standard working wool among test engineers, crane operators, riggers and surveyors for applications ranging from laboratory pull testing to providing crane load indication and overload warning.Now with the addition of wireless RF remote control, Dyna-Link’s already rich feature set becomes even more enhanced.  With the new Dyna-Link RF […]

MSI-3360 Challenger 2

The CHALLENGER 2 provides the features and reliability you expect from industry’s leading manufacturer of electronic crane scales. When you weigh quality and price, there is not a better value than the CHALLENGER 2 for indoor weighing applications up to 7.5 tons.Every CHALLENGER 2 is NTEP approved for accuracy. Its advanced electronics offer you versatility […]