Load Testing Services

Our certified technicians use our highly precise tools to test your industrial equipment to its rated capacity so you can be confident that it can withstand the demands and perform reliably.

Ensure Equipment Safety & Reliability

Maximize Equipment Performance & Lifespan

Meet Industry Standards & Regulations

Ensure your equipment is capable of safely performing as anticipated.

We understand that dealing with industrial equipment can be challenging and risky. At American Scale, we specialize in performing meticulous load tests for variances of equipment such as hoppers, cranes, freight elevators and more, ensuring safety and performance. Once your equipment passes our load tests, it’s a symbol of reliability, able to function at its peak while maintaining the highest safety and industry standards.

How It Works

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We have a team of elite scale technicians ready to perform load tests on your equipment. Remember, it's best to test your scales regularly to ensure they are capable of performing as anticipated.

Load Testing Services

American Scale is your one stop shop for load testing services. Our qualified personnel will promptly perform tests on your equipment with our own load testing tools. Everything is handled for you.

Make Informed Decisions

Loads test help ensure that your equipment is working properly and will withstand necessary loads reliably. In the result of a testing failure, you will have the data needed to pinpoint the root cause of the issue.

Don't risk equipment failures or inadequate performance.

Not performing load tests increases the likelihood of unforeseen failures, safety hazards, legal issues, financial losses, and damage to a company’s reputation and customer trust. Load testing should be regarded as an essential step in ensuring the reliability, safety, and compliance of equipment.

We Can Perform Load Tests On Most Brands Including, but not limited to:

American Scale is the lead provider in scale products, scale calibration and services, and load testing.

FAQs About Load Testing

Proof load testing is a process of testing and evaluating the load-bearing capacity and integrity of equipment by applying a predetermined load to ensure its performance and safety under normal operating conditions.

Proof load testing is necessary to ensure that components or structures can withstand their intended loads without failure. It helps identify any weakness, manufacturing defects, or fatigue that may compromise their performance.

There are different types of proof load testing, including destructive testing, non-destructive testing, static testing, dynamic testing, and fatigue testing. The specific type used depends on the nature of the component or structure being tested and the desired outcomes.

At a bare minimum you should calibrate your scales once a year. It could be as frequent as once a month.

Proof load testing is performed by applying a predetermined load or force to the component or structure and monitoring its behavior. This can involve hydraulic jacks, weights, or other devices to create and sustain the load.

Qualified professionals, such as engineers, technicians, or third-party testing agencies, should perform proof load testing. They should have knowledge of the testing procedures, equipment, and safety protocols.

If a component fails the proof load test, it indicates a potential weakness, manufacturing defect, or unsuitability for the intended purpose. The failed component should be inspected, repaired, or replaced before further use.

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