Coil Scale Buyers Guide—Top Choices for Weighing Steel Coils

coil being weighed on a coil scale in a manufacturing yard

A coil scale is the ultimate industrial tool for weighing steel coils, cable spools, and dense metal castings. With numerous scale types emerging in today’s market, though, finding the ideal measuring system for your steel rolls can be daunting. 

Below, you will receive further insight into a few types of coil scales available at American Scale and learn how to choose one for your enterprise.

What Are the Different Types of Coil Scales?

There are four main types of coil scales available at American Scale that can be used in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, construction and shipping.. They include:

Digital Coil Scale

American Scale’s HI-IMPACT digital or electronic coil scale is an exceptionally crafted asset often seen in primary processing and manufacturing plants. This coil scale has sensors that convert the load’s weight into an interpretable digital reading. Its rugged structural steel weighing platform comes with a digital gauge that provides precise weight measurements.

The precision of its electronic load cells allows you to use the scale for commercial gain, making this digital weighing system an excellent asset for your manufacturing line. It offers real-time access to project information through its DD Series indicators and allows you to keep tabs on ongoing processes remotely.

Colossus digital coil scale
Colossus Hi-Impact Digital Coil Scale

Analog Coil Scale

American Scale’s HI-IMPACT analog coil scale includes double-ended shear beam load cells and a robust steel frame. This mechanical coil scale has springs that stretch when loaded, causing its dial to indicate the load’s weight.

The analog coil scale is also NTEP-certified in the legal trade of loads ranging between 20,000 to 120,000 pounds. The device guarantees consistent and reliable weight readings in different industrial settings.

Hi impact Analog coil scale
Hi-Impact Analog Coil Scale

Coil Floor Scale

The RoughDeck CS coil floor scale is a high-capacity weighing platform you can use at the floor level. It has a sturdy, reinforced structure that can withstand tough industrial and warehouse conditions that would easily damage other scales.

Roughdeck Coil floor scale
Roughdeck® CS Coil Floor Scale

Rail Coil Scale

Rails scales help to measure extremely heavy coil loads on mounted carts without having to unload them. These robustly engineered devices can handle the continuous friction and strenuous operations endured by conveyor belts, train tracks, and production lines.

American Scale offers two varieties of the RoughDeck CS rail coil scale. One version has a custom accessible top for loading metal coils, and the other features a specialized under-beam mount

rail coil scale
Roughdeck® CS Rail Car Top Access Coil Scale

How Do You Pick the Right Coil Scale?

Btek coil scale weighing tubular coils

There are a few factors to consider when looking for the ideal coil scale. First, determine whether the scale can accommodate the number of items you plan on weighing. If you intend to weigh several items simultaneously, ensure you don’t exceed the scale’s weighing threshold.

Also, factor in the amount of available space and conditions around the scale’s intended location. Check the scale’s quality and functionality when evaluating compatibility with your production line. Low-quality and inaccurate coil scales may come at a bargain price but cause immense losses in the long term.   

Choose American Scale for Your Coil Scale Needs

A roughdeck coil scale weighing a large scale brought in with a forklift

A dependable industrial coil scale can help you avoid losses, minimize legal risks, and enhance client satisfaction. American scale is a leading source of custom, high-quality, next-level coil scales. You will also benefit from our professional scale calibration services that help your industrial scales meet the current industry standards. Contact us today for any inquiries on different weighing equipment.